demdem11<Not Sure>1.1vtTo remember, recall; to remember a person's help or goodness by thinking of them or giving them something in appreciation.Balampa demdeman mo tang toyono ong nio.Hopefully you will remember what I asked you to get me.Indi ra dinemdem na tang lolo na ang nagpadal ong nandia, maski ge-ley lamang indi pagtorol.He did not remember his grandfather who sent him to school, he did not give him even just one little thing.1.2vtTo happen, be able to remember or recall someone or something.Nādemdemo pala, ang sabon ang ganing idolo ong nio, asi pa ong balay.Oh, I just remembered, the soap which I said I would give you is still there at the house.Pasinsia, indio ra gademdem.I'm sorry, I don't remember anymore.Gailalao tang taw ang asi, piro indi gademdemano tang aran na.I recognize that person, but I can't remember his name.Mga gademdemano asing nagke-keb ami, ba-long geldan.Whenever I happen to recall the time we capsized, I'm newly afraid.antlipat 11.3vtTo remind someone about something (literally, to cause someone to remember something).Mo-ya nagpademdema ong yen ang ekelan tang payong ang binletan ta.It's good that you reminded me to bring along the umbrella which we borrowed.Pademdeman mo kay mga ongaypa sinalok mo tang anloyo.Please try to remember where you hid my comb (lit. cause yourself to remember).antlipat 2.12vt2.1To remember, think, or worry about something; to be concerned about a person; to bring something up that happened in the past; to have feelings of guilt.India ra magdemdem tang nalbetan mo ong yen.Don't worry anymore about the money you borrowed from me (i.e. you don't have to pay it back).Indi ra demdemen ta ang tanopasia nagsoayan ita.Let's not remember anymore that time when we had a fight.deremdemen1der.nMga nakomit da tang mga kasalanan ta, anda ray deremdemen ta.If our sins have been removed, we no longer have anything to feel guilty about (lit. nothing to remember).panemdeman1der.nMalakan da ong panendeman amen tenged napaloa ra si Tatay ong ospital.Our hearts are relieved (lit. lightweight) because Father has been released from the hospital.Napoaw tang panemdeman nira para tomabang ong banoa nira.Their hearts were moved (lit. their concern woke up) in order to help their country.

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