kaya21viActor/Undergoer: mā-To be completely occupied or absorbed in doing something; to be distracted; to do something without taking a break to rest.Bantayan mi tang pinakaldawan, asia mākaya amo si lamang tang kayam.Watch the rice spread out to dry in the sun, you will be absorbed again with playing.Nākaya si tang telek ta TV, animan sia agpoyaten.He was again so absorbed in watching television, that is why he is so sleepy now.Nākayā si ka atan tang talpo, man maninga si masit tang boko-boko mo.You once again were washing clothes without a break, then you will say again that your back hurts.2vtActor: magpa-To intentionally give all one's attention to something; to concentrate or focus on doing one thing only.Atana ra lamang magpakayā ong taralpoan mo, yo ra lamang ay magdongkol.You just focus there on your clothes to be washed, I'll just be the one to cook the rice.ov synlingat 1wili

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