kompas11npangompas-kompasA person's way of walking.Ang pangompas-kompas tang taw ang asi magang Doña.The way that woman walks is like a Doña.Ang tata-lib ang asi, ang pangompas-kompas na magang si Jose.That person passing by, the way he walks is similar to Jose.rel wdkaliek2viActor: -om-To sashay or strut, meaning to walk along swinging one's arms and not carrying anything.Sia komompasa si lamang, maski tambilog ang langaw india si magbi-bit.So you'll just sashay off again, not even carrying one stick of firewood.Asing pagpanaw amen don ong Villa Fria, tanandia lamang tang kokompas. When we walked to barangay Villa Fria she was the only one who walked along and didn't carry anything. rel wdbira-bira

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