pilio1nkapiloanpilyoFoolishness; a silly joke or prank.Ang domang kapilioan tang mga kabatan, ang mga bilog agtoangen nira oman idolo ong intablado ong plasa.Another of the silly pranks of the youth is that they carry small outrigger boats and then put them on the stage in the plaza.ov synkalokoan2der. ofloko2vtActor: mag-To play a practical joke on someone; to lead a person on, trick them into something.Nagpilio si Juan ong babay na animan nabeyeg da.Juan led his girlfriend on and consequently he has become crazy.The implication is that Juan led his girlfriend on, kissed her, or got her pregnant. The girl retaliated by having a curse put on him, which made him mentally ill.ov synintirimis 1lokoodio1 1

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