labaw1adjFor someone or something to be greater, higher, more important than everything else.Malen ta tang Dios, labaw ong tanan!Let's love God, He's higher than all!Ang katobolano labaw ong tanan, dapat ang tanan ang taw magkatinir ta kasilias nira!My orders are more important than others, all the people should have their own outhouses!ov synlaboay 1mas pa2vi., vtActor: -om-, maN- Goal: -anFor something to be taller, higher than something else; for a person to surpass others, or become greater or more important than others.Ang taletay ang gampir ong baybay lalabaw da ong balay.The umbrella tree by the beach is already taller than the house.Angay galiagang manlabaw ong masig ka taw mo? Anday sayod sia.Why do you want to become more important than your fellowman? That's not nice.ov synlaboay 1lapaw 1rel wddoma 1mas pasinlabaw1der.n

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