talangat1viUndergoer: ma-sabitFor something to become stuck or caught on something up high, out of reach; to be snagged up high.Pagondiot na ong kodal natalangat tang saya-saya na.When she climbed over the fence her skirt became caught on top. Pinasibombongo tang tsinilas mo, way asi rang natalangat ong katep.I tossed your rubber slipper up into the air and now look, it's stuck up on the roof.ov synsabit1 1ta-wit 12vtUndergoer: i-To hang or attach something up high, out of reach.Italangat mo kay ong alawig tang baskit, itaben kaboton ta kiro.Please hang the basket up high out of reach, a dog might be able to reach it.ov synbitay 1ta-dang

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