depa1nA unit of measure, the distance between a person's arms stretched out to the sides, about 1.5 meters; an arms-span measurement.Pirapang depa tang kaministiran mong teked tang baka mo?How many depa measures do you need for the tether for your cow?2vtUndergoer: -enTo measure something in these units.Depaen mo naning ta-bayan mga pirapang depa. Measure this clothesline with both arms stretched out to see how many depa measures it is.3vi., vtActor: -om-, magpa- Undergoer: pa--enTo spread one's arms out from each side of the body; to lie prostrate on the ground with the arms stretched out, i.e."spread-eagle".Asing Mal ang Kaldaw dimimpa tang padi ong ka-ngan tang simban pagpaita bilang pagpinitinsia.On Easter the priest lay spread-eagle in the middle of the church demonstrating the sacrificial suffering [of Jesus].Pinadepa tanandia tang nanay na tenged nagkayam ong kanal.His mother made him lie spread-eagle on the ground because he played in the canal.

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