lipi-lipi1n., adjlipi-lipiapiA person in a family who is shown little affection or attention.Ong nirang mamaglogod tanandia ay lipi-lipi tenged soplado.Of their siblings, he is the one shown less affection because he is so naughty.antbigbigkamped 2lābi 2palangga 2poya 2tepedte-tep2vtActor: mag- Undergoer: -enTo have no love or affection for someone; to ignore or disregard a person or an animal in one's care; to treat unfairly.Ganing tanandia aglipi-lipien ono piro ong matod pangimon lamang ong logod na.He says that he is being treated unfairly but actually he is just envious of his siblings.antbigbigpalabienpalangga 1ov syndegdeg 1

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