kayam1nA game.2vi., vtActor: mag-, ma- Undergoer: -enlaroTo play; to play a game; to play with something; for an object to bounce along, ride along with the wind or the waves.Indi kayamen mo tang gonsing, mageret tang kalima mo.Don't play with the scissors, your hand will get cut.Magkayam ita ta tirigbas tenged mambeng.Let's play the game of tirigbas because it is fun.Largān mo tang pondo tang motor agod mākayam ong langeb.Let out the anchor rope of the boat so that it can ride along with (lit. play in) the waves.3viActor: magigkayam-kayamTo play around with people or things, usually in an immoral sense.Osgaran tang Dios tang mga taw ang pamagigdolog ong belag ta kakatawan nira ig ang mga pagigkayam-kayam ong kapario nirang mga lali.God will judge men who sleep with those who are not their wives and those who play around with tother men.The later also implies sexual relations.kakayamder.nkayamander.n

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