simblat1nbutilUnmilled rice grain with a kernel inside.Tāpan mo kay tang paray para ang kepa malbag ong simblat. Winnow the rice to remove the empty kernels from the heads with a kernel inside. 2vtUndergoer: -en, ma-To separate and gather rice grains after threshing.Asing nanggiek ami, tolong pasong tang nasimblat amen.When we threshed rice with our feet, we were able to gather three cavans of grain with kernels inside.3adjkasirimblatFor rice to be fat and healthy, full of large kernels in the grain heads.Kasirimblat tang liket mo ig kadoro pa paman.Your head lice are fat and healthy and numerous besides.This is an expression meaning the head lice resemble fat rice grains.rel wdkepa 1paray 1

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