wilivi., vtActor/Undergoer: ma- Goal: ma--anwiliTo be absorbed in doing something; to be fascinated by or curious about something, wanting to look at it, touch or hear it; to really enjoy or appreciate something.Naorio tenged nawilio ra ong istoria na.I was late because I was so captivated by his story.Gawili tanandia ang temelek ong mga bidio.He is always absorbed in watching video movies.Gawilio ong ana mong asia tenged dorong gata-wanan nang obra.I really appreciate that child of yours because he knows how to do a lot.Ang molang ge-ley yay ang gawilian tang lola na kada damal-damal.The baby is what her grandmother is captivated by every morning.rel wdkaya2 1lingat 1tonay-tonay1

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