te-ma1ntanongA question.antsabat 1.22vi., vtActor: maN- Undergoer: -en Goal: -anTo ask a question; to question a person about something; to interrogate someone; to ask around to find out information; to inquire.Agte-maeno tang aran na piro indi magbeg.I'm asking her name but she won't tell me.Mane-mao rin ong nio mga anday inita mong siminled ong balay.I'd like to ask you if you didn't see anyone come into the house.Sine-mā rang lagi yen tongapon, angay nagbo-lia pa?I already questioned you yesterday, why did you still lie?Sinopa bato tang poiding mate-man ta tang galipat ang liabi?Who do you suppose we can ask about the missing key?Mane-ma te-ma kay mga sinopay pagpabakal atan ta baboy.Please ask around there about who might be selling a pig.antsabat 1rel wdpasikot-sikot2 1

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