osgarvtActor: mag- Goal: -anhatolTo try a legal case; to judge or pass judgment on another person.Ong damal osgaran da tanira tang kaso nira.Tomorrow they will be judged regarding their case.Ang nagosgar tang kaso nira may agtabangan na.The one who judged their case had one party he was helping.ov synokom1rel wdsintinsia 1manigosgar2der.nosgadoder.n1anthois2Day of Judgment.Ong Kaldaw tang Pagosgar, osgaran tang mga patay sigon ong mga bindoatan nira.On the Day of Judgment, the dead will be judged according to their deeds.Indi ita mapagosgar ong tatang taw tenged ang kalibotan teteyeb.say.

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