poyat1viActor/Undergoer: mā-tulogTo go to bed; to sleep, be asleep; to fall asleep.Mapoyato ta māga agod māgao kang mapoaw.I will go to bed early so that I will also wake up early.Temeleko ka rin ta programa ong plasa, piro napoyato ka lamang.I was going to watch the program in the plaza, but instead I just fell asleep. antaltek 32vtGoal: -anTo fall asleep on someone. (This is not to be taken literally. It means that a person falls asleep while another person is still talking to them.)Pagistoria ita pa rin taypinoyatano ra nio.We would have kept talking last night but you fell asleep on me. 3vstatUndergoer: -enantokTo feel sleepy, drowsy, tired.Agpoyateno ta doro mga masiado tang kinit tang kaldaw.I really feel sleepy when it is very hot during the daytime.antaltek 1rel wdtonay3 1pinoyatander.nIndi amo gapangimes tang pinoyatan mi.You haven't straightened up the place where you slept.poyatander.gapoyat tang mantikaid.exprGapoyat da tang mantika ta baboy tenged masiadong malamig.The pig fat is already solidifying (lit. sleeping) because it is so cold.Ang poyat mo sobra pa ong mantika!Your sleeping is even more than that of solidified lard! (i.e. Your sleeping is way too much!)

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