pasi1nRice grains on a rice stalk, or rice grains in general. (This refers to the kernel with the husk still intact, as well as the unhusked pieces of rice left after milling or pounding dried rice.)Pirapang pasi tang dapat itobo ta ong kada teka?How many rice grains should be put into each hole?Ang mga mepet, maski tang pasing paray, agpisiken ang enged nira.The old people, even one unhusked kernel of rice, they pick it up (i.e. in order to still use it).rel wdbelat1paray 12vstatUndergoer: pasienFor milled rice to be full of unhusked rice kernels. (The unhusked kernels are picked out of the rice and are usually thrown out to the chickens.)Angay pasien tang belat? Sigoro ang gilingan belag ta masinlo.Why is the milled rice full of unhusked rice kernels? Perhaps the rice mill isn't very good.

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