libri1<Not Sure>1.1adjFree, no charge or payment.Mga magpakonsolta ong RHU, libri tang bolong, anday bayad.If you go to have a consultation at the Rural Health Unit, the medicine is free, there's no charge.1.2vtTo be treated to something for free; to have one's way paid for.Ilibria yen ong Jollibee.I'll treat you to lunch at Jollibee.2vt2.1statFor a person or animal to be free to go and do what they please; for a person or animal to be safe from danger or harm.Tapos da tang kaso na, libri ra tanandiang magpanaw-panaw.His lawsuit is over with, he is free to go now. 2.2vtTo save or rescue a person, animal, or important things from danger or destruction; to free someone from a situation.Asing gasirok tang balay, indio mineled ang ilibri tang doroang mola.When the house was burning I was not afraid to rescue the two children.Ong kaloy tang Dios, ang logodo nalibri ong lantsang siminalmed.By God's grace my brother was rescued from the boat that sank.2.3vtTo be careful; to avoid danger.Pandam amo! Palibri amo ong barkada ming traidor.Be careful! Avoid your friend who is a traitor.3vt3.1To be saved from one's sins, in the sense that God forgives and saves the person from eternal punishment; to be redeemed.Nalibri amo kaman ong mga kasalanan mi tenged lamang ong kaloy tang Dios.You truly have been saved from your sins because of the grace of God.kalibrian2der.nmaniglibri1der.n

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