rason1nReason given for something.Anda kay rason para masilaga ong yen.You have no reason to be angry at me.ov syndailan2viActor: mag-To give a reason for something; to make an excuse for something.India kay magrason ta balabag.Don't make excuses in contradiction.ov synbalibad 13vi., vtActor: mag- Reduplication: mag--an Referent: pag--anTo discuss an issue, a problem; to exchange opinions, ideas; the topic discussed.Nagrason-rasonan tang mga istodianti ong teled tang koarto nira.The students exchanged opinions in their room.Pamagrasonan tanira tenged ong tanek nirang agkalawon ta doma.They are having a discussion because their land is being snatched by others.Ang pinagrasonan nira ay tenged ong gastos ong pagapatay tang ginikanan nira.What they discussed was with regard to the expenses occurred at the death of their parent.ov synampang 1diskosion 1

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