deten1viUndergoer: -om-For something to become hard, tough, firm, as of food, glue, cement.Ipabakal mong lagi tang siakoy mo tenged malagat-lagat denten da.Sell your donuts right away because in a short while they'll become tough. Indi kang lagi tandegen mo tang bilog, indi pa de-ten tang ipoksi na.Don't touch the boat now, its epoxy isn't hard yet.Diminten da tang siminto ang nakoranan.The cement in the sack which was rained on has become hard. 2adjma-ten, ka-tenmatigasTough, as of food; firm, hard as of cement; tight, as of a cough.Ang linotok nang terang olita ka-ten a-tenan, indi doltan.The octopus viand that she cooked is really, really tough, it can't be chewed.antlemek 1ov syntegat 1

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