wala1loc., adjkaliwaLeft side; left-hand side.Makiwaw mga magsolato ta wala. It's awkward when I write with my left hand. Asing linansang nira si Jesus ong kros, may doroa kang taw ang pinadengan nira ong nandia ang linansang. Ang kros tang tambilog gampir ong to ni Jesus, ig ang tata gampir ong wala When they nailed Jesus to the cross, there were two other people who they crucified together with him. The cross of one was to Jesus' right and the other one was to his left. antto1 1rel wdkaliwiti2viActor: pa-To go to the left; on the left.Ang dalan ang paning ong balay nira, ay pawala. The road going their house is on the left.

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