de-dek3viUndergoer: -en Goal: ma--antagosFor a liquid to thoroughly soak something, or for cold air to penetrate something; for something to absorb water; for something to give off the strong smell of something which it has absorbed.Nade-dekan tang lambongo ta dogo.My clothes were thoroughly soaked by menstrual blood.Ang taralpoan indi madaling de-deken ta wi.The clothes to be washed don't quickly absorb the water.Mga madamel tang kolton, india de-deken ta lamig.If your blanket is thick, you won't be penetrated by the cold.Doro kade-dek tang ongaw tang belat ang nalbay ta gas.The smell of the rice which had kerosene spilled on it is very strong. rel wdbasi3 1septemtem 1

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