wiwi, wī1<Not Sure>1.1nWater.Mga agkorsona, manginema ta yading wi.When you have diarrhea, drink lots of water.1.2adjWatery.1.3vtTo make or cause something to be watery.Mga magdongkola indi pawiyen mo.When you boil rice don't make it watery. 1.4nThe amount of moisture in something; the wetness of something.1.5viTo fill with water, as of a hole.Pirming agwiyan tang boloat ong karsada mga timpo koran.The hole in the street always fills with water during rainy season.1.6viFor a wound to be watery; for an ear to have fluid draining out of it.Ang talingao baya pagwiwi. Oh my ear really is draining fluid.2vi2.1nA well for water; well water.Ang wi nira makasin tenged alenget ong baybay.Their well water is salty because it's close to the beach.Mandian ang timpo kambian magpāli ami ta wi ong Ilog.This season of the northeast wind we will have a well dug in Ilog.3n3.1The juice of a fruit; water of a coconut.Aroy, matorokan tang lambong mo tang wi tang kasoy, sia paman pagmantsa!Oh no, your clothes might be dripped on by the juice of the cashew fruit, that really stains!Ang wi ta nioy masinlong bolong ong taw ang pagtaki-taki.Coconut water is a good remedy for a person with diarrhea.

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