labet1nkarapatan, pakialamThe right, or privilege to have a share in inheritance or land; the right to have a say in a situation or problem; the right to make something your business.Maski anday labet na ong toroblien, pama-dol ta parti na.Even though he has no right to have a share in the inheritance, he is asking for his part.Anday labet na ong problema nira tenged anday rilasion nira.He has no right to have a say in their problem because he is no relation to them.Galiago ka rin ang mano-patan ong ana mo, itaben aningeno nandia anday lalabeto. I would like to be able advise your child, but perhaps he'll tell me I have no business to do that.rel wdkato-lidan2der. ofto-lid2vtActor: magpa- Undergoer: pa--enTo become involved in a situation or problem; to meddle or interfere in someone else's affairs; to butt into a conversation or activity.India magpalabet ong arampangen ta mga mepet.Don't interfere in the conversations of older people.Itaben indi tanandia magpalabet ong kaliwagan nira tenged pamagsoayan.Maybe she won't become involved in their hardships since they are quarreling.Indi palabetan mo tang soroayen nira tenged india gatako tang papa na may ang kapotan.Don't get involved in their fight because you don't know the beginning and the end of it.ov synsambag2

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