yadi1adjmaramiMany; lots of something.Yading sikad-sikad ang pinisik nirang nanilaw tenged ipabakal nira.They gathered many sikad-sikad shells in tide pooling because they will sell them.Monopag kayadi tang nālap ming kasoy?How many cashews were you able to pick?antge-ley 1ge-ley 1.3malaka 1ov syndakel 1doro 12n., adjkayadien, kayayadienLarge number of people; a large crowd.Indi magigo tang binakal ming pamangan, ang kayayadien ming asia?The food you bought won't be enough for everyone, isn't it that you are so very many there?Kayayadien tang mga taw, ang tambilog ang baka indi magigo.The people are very many, one cow won't be enough for all.Ong kayayadien ta taw ong plasa, monopa matoman mong lagi tang ana mo?In the large crowd of people in the plaza, how will you be able to immediately find your child?ov synkadamelankarakelan23viActor/Undergoer: maN- Goal: ma--anTo become many; to increase in number; to multiplyNamakal ami ta mga manong lo-lokan para manyadi tang ki-yoy amen.We bought laying hens so our eggs will become many. Aroy, nayadian da ka tang kinomitong anen, indio ra malobot.Oh my, the rice I took has really become a lot, I won't be able to finish it all.4vtActor: magpa- Undergoer: pa--enTo cause, allow something to increase, multiply.Payadien mo tang dongkolon mo tenged may bisitang mamangan tarin.Increase the amount of rice you will cook because there are visitors who will eat here.

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