teled<Not Sure>11.1n., locInside.Ang koarta na ay tatalok na ong teled tang aparador.She keeps her money inside the cupboard.1.2vi., vtTo come in, enter; to go inside a house or room; to break into a building, house; to enter or invade a place, territory, or country.Pa-led amo kay tani ong salas.Please come in here to the living room (lit. cause yourself to come in).Sinopay siminled ong balay ang may nalipat?Who broke into the house where something was lost?Asing damal-damal da, sinled nira tang kampo tang mga ribildi.When it was morning, they invaded the camp of the rebels.antloa 11.3vtTo bring or take something inside; to allow a person or animal to come inside.Indi pa-leden mo tang kiro.Don't let the dog inside. Mga labi, agpa-ledo tang ba-long bisiklitao ong balay.When it's night, I bring my new bike inside the house.antpaloa1antloa 1.2kale-dan2der.nAgsanayen na ang mantaki tang mola ong rinola para indi ra mantaki ong kale-dan. She is training the child to defecate in the chamber pot, so it won't defecate inside the room anymore.para-ledan2der.1n22.1nContents; capacity.Indi komiten mo tang galonan tenged may teled na pa.Don't take that gallon container, it still has contents (i.e. still has some in it).Agbatakeno tang tamsio, ang teled na palá kiw!I pulled in the line and oh, its contents (i.e. what was on it) was a shark!Ang teled tang tang sakong belat ay limampolok ang kilo.The capacity of one sack of milled rice is fifty kilograms.2.2vtTo fill something up; the container being filled up.Teldan mo ta wi tang galonan ig e-lan mo ong balay.Fill the container with water and take it to the house.Ponokon mo tang agteldan ta wi para maboay ang malobot.Fill the container (lit. thing being filled) full with water so that it won't quickly be exhausted.teledan1der.1n22.1viTo be hired for a job, get a job; to win a position in an election (lit. to get in).Pagpasalamato ong Dios, maski ge-ley lamang tang lamango, na-ledo pa ong SB.I'm thankful to God, even though my advantage was small, still I won one of the Sangguniang Bayan positions.antbo-log 133.1vtTo be entered by an evil spirit; to be possessed by an evil spirit.Asing sinled tanandia ta dimonio pirming paginimod.When he was possessed by a demon he was always laughing.Yading malain ang ispirito tang pinalayas ni Jesus ong mga taw ang sinledan nira.There were many evil spirits which Jesus cast out from people whom they had entered. 44.1advWithin a certain period of time; for a period of time.Nagobra tanandia ong Puerto ong teled ta limang takon.She worked in Puerto [Princesa City] for five years.tereldan1der.1n22.1vi., vtTo go to work, specifically of office jobs, or to school; to allow a child to go to school.Indio ma-led ong damal, pagmasito pa.I won't be able to go to work tomorrow, I'm still sick.Indi ra pina-ledo tang anao tenged ma-leg tang koran.I didn't allow my child to go to school because the rain was so heavy.tere-ledander.n

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