taket1nsukatMeasurement; dimension; size; grade of eyeglasses.Pario tang taket tang doroa.Our size is the same.Ang antipara ang pina-dol ong nindio taket ong matao.The eyeglasses that I got from you are the right grade for my eyes.ov syngrado 1kabael2vtActor: mag- Undergoer: -en, ipa-To measure something, someone using a tape measure.Tinaket ami tang sastri, ang risolta ay pario.The seamstress measured us and we were the same.Ipataket ta kang lagi tang tanek, ba-lo parti-partien ta.Let's have the land measured first before we divide it up.3viActor/Undergoer: mag-To be enough, sufficient; to fit, be the right size.Nagtaket ka tang sapatos ong nio?Did the shoes fit you?Balampa magtaket ka tang belat ang gabo-wan para may madongkol pa.I hope the rice that is left will be enough so there will still be some to cook.rel wdsekebtama1pantaket2der.nindi magtaket ong pama-dek3id.exprAng kinatawa tang anao indi magtaket ong pama-deko. The man which my daughter married does not measure up in my sight.

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