dendēn1<Not Sure>1.1vtTo press firmly with the fingers or palm; to put pressure on something; to knead a lump.Indi kay dēnan mo tang boko-bokō, masit.Don't press on my back, it hurts.Indi idēn mo ta osto tang lapis mga magsolata, madaling matompol.Don't put a lot of pressure on the pencil when you write, the point will quickly break off.Mga pagdogo tang igad mo, idēn mo lamang tang palad mo, sia magpoas.If your wound is bleeding, use your palm to put pressure on it and it will stop.Ang pangadlayen, yay ang mabilog-bilog ang gadenan mga may masit pario ta sit ta sian.A pangadlayen, that's a round lump which is kneaded if there is an illness such as a stomachache.2vt2.1Idiomatic expression meaning to put the blame on someone else, literally, to press on, put pressure on. (The English equivalent is "point the finger at".)Maski belag ta yo tang may talak, yo ra tang dedēn mo?Even though I'm not the one who has a sin, am I the one you are pointing the finger at?

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