kabit<Not Sure>11.1vtTo attach or affix something to a place or another thing, often using a tie, pin, bolt, etc.; to hang something up somewhere; to pin something on to something, someone; to connect something; to install something, such as electricity.Kabitano ta singkaw tang karabawo, lagat-lagat ta ge-ley magarado rin tang komao.I'll attach the yoke to the water buffalo, a little later I will plow my field.Magkabito ta ribon ong anao ong damal ong programa.I'll pin a ribbon on my child tomorrow at the program.Ikabit mo kay ong talingao naning tang dobaling salasioso.Please attach this other earring of mine to my ear.Mareges ang magpakabit-kabit tang mamola ong tanga ta ayo mga pamagkayam.Children really like to hang and swing themselves from tree branches when they are playing.anttakenantkirida 2takenkarabitan1der.1n22.1nMistress; concubine.2.2vtTo commit adultery with a woman; to have an affair with a woman; for a woman to make herself a mistress of someone.Ang babay ang asia yay ang agkabiten tang katawao.That woman there, she's the one with whom my husband is having an affair. Ang babay ang asi, pagpakabit-kabit ong mga sondalo.That woman commits adultery with (lit. makes herself a mistress to) soldiers.antkirida 1

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