ileg1vi., vtActor: mag- Undergoer: pa--ensaliTo participate in something; to join in the activities of others; to imitate others or go along with the crowd; to allow someone to join in, or imitate one's actions.India kay magileg-ileg ang manalpo, malbaya!Don't join in washing clothes, you'll get wet!Pagileg-ileg da tang kirong ge-ley ong nanay na ang pagkayaw mga labi.The puppy imitates its mother when she barks at night.India ra magileg ong mamolang pamagkayam tenged maslita ra.Don't join in the games of the youth because you're too old for that.Indi ra dapat magileg-ileg ang magkandidato tang anda ka lamang ay koarta nira.People who do not have any money should not participate in running as candidates.Angay indi pailegen mo tang ari mong magkayam?Why didn't you allow your younger brother to join in the playing?Indi pailegen mo tang ari mong manigarilio.Don't let your younger brother imitate you in smoking cigarettes.ov syna-pen 1imbeng 1tolad 12n., adjileg-ilegToken membership; one who joins a group without a commitment to fully participate.Ang pagirimbengen na ong asosasion tang mga babay ay tata lamang ileg-ileg. Her joining the women's association is just a token membership.

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