rigpenunspec. var.marignen1adjmarigpen, marignenVery close together, without spaces, as of a bamboo fence, one's teeth; small holes in something like a sieve; tightly woven mats, baskets.Belag ta marigpen tang pamboat mo tang lino, animan gailat tang belat.The way you made your rice winnower is not tightly woven, so now the rice spills through it.Masiadong marigpen tang panlokot mo tang da-tal, gatalet tang mga boling.The way you tied on the bamboo flooring, the strips are very tight, the dirt gets stuck in the cracks (i.e. instead of falling down underneath the house).antelag 1elag 3silang 1siriniet 22vtUndergoer: pa--enTo make something tightly woven or spaced closely together.Parigpenen mo tang pangodal mo para indi ma-led tang kambing.Make the bamboo slats close together in making the fence so that goats can't get in.antelag 1silang 1siriniet 1ov synmadamelsiek 1

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