ekel<Not Sure>11.1nSomething that is carried, brought, or taken along.Onopay ekel mo?What are you carrying?1.2vtTo bring, carry something along with one; to take something somewhere; to transport something.Ang mga iskoila pamagekel ta mga bi-lak para ikodal ong garden nira.The pupils are bringing bamboo slats with them for making a fence for their garden.Patigayon mo kay ang e-lan tang payongo mga magbalika.Please bring my umbrella with you when you return.aggekel-ekelan2id.1nPira rang bolan tang aggekel-ekelan mo?How many months along are you? (lit. How many months already is the fetus that you are carrying?)antinabdet222.1vtTo manage a group of people; to lead a group of people.Mga ang tatang taw indi matakong magekel tang pamilia na, monopa bato tanandia mapangolokolo ta masinlo ong tatang banoa?If a man does not know how to manage his family, how do you suppose he will be able to lead a community well?2.2exprThe way a person acts, literally, carries himself/herself in social situations.Maski mola pa, gatakong magekel tang sadili na.Even though she is still young, she knows what to do in social situations (lit. knows how to carry herself).2.3vtTo drive a boat.Ang anao, gatako rang magekel tang motor tang tatay na.My child already knows how to drive the fishing boat of his father.33.1vtTo convince, influence someone (lit. to carry along); to lead someone astray; to allow oneself to be convinced or influenced by others, or by a situation.Naekelan na tang mga logod na para bomoto ong dobaling partido.He convinced his siblings to vote for the other political party.Piro tanandia, indi nagpanonot-nonot obin nagpaekel-ekel ong kaliagan ta taw maski sinopa tanira.But as for him, he did not go along with other's opinions or let himself be influenced by other peoples' desires.

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