bagay31<Not Sure>1.1exprThat suits you; That's what you deserve; That's what you get.Aroy, sia kaman! Bagay mo tang masinggi.Oh, that one indeed! Red really suits you. Bagay mo, nabolingan da ka rin tang lambong mo.That is what you deserve, you got your clothes dirty.2expr2.1adjSuitable; acceptable; appropriate; worthy.Belaga ta bagay ang mangatawa ta malised tenged yawa may kaya mo.It is not appropriate for you to marry a poor person because as for you, you have means.Belago ta bagay ang magiga-pen ong nindio, gaeyako.I'm not worthy to join in with you all, I'm ashamed.3adj3.1viFor a person to adjust themselves to others, or to act appropriately in all situations.Ang taw ang asia gatakong magigbagay maski ong mamola.That person knows how to adjust himself even to children.

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