silik1ntirikEdible sea urchins with small projections called tenek, 'thorns'.They are gathered in the tidal area and are either eaten raw, roasted whole, or the insides are scraped out and boiled in vinegar. The insides look like raw egg yolk.2viActor: maN-To gather sea urchins in the tidal area.Maniliko rin andamal ang māga pa, midio yay masabor ang teraen.I'll gather sea urchins tomorrow very early in the morning, for me that's what is tasty to use as a viand.3viUndergoer: ma-To be pierced, stuck with the thorn of a sea urchin.Patigayon mo kay ang todiaen tang kakayong nasilik. Please dig out the thorn from my foot that was pierced by a sea urchin.rel wdtambalotongtayom 1

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