dagtaviUndergoer: i- Actor: magpa-tangay, anodTo be carried away, drift away with the current; to wash up on shore; to intentionally drift along with the current.I-taket ta mo-ya tang motor agod indi idagta mga temēb.Tie the boat up well so it will not drift away when it is high tide.Sigoro mga indi ami tinambat mi, idagta ami ra ong laod.Maybe if we had not been rescued by you, we would have drifted out to sea.Mga mapalet yading dadagtang mga linget ong baybay.When it's windy a lot of trash washes up on the beach.Nalanggan ami ong laod, animan pagpadagta-dagta ami ra lamang.The boat engine died on us out at sea, so then we just allowed ourselves to drift along with the current.antpa-padrel wdwawaayong dinagtader.nantbatang

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