tangay1<Not Sure>1.1nFriend.1.2vtTo be friends, to make friends.Galiliag aming magigtangay ong nindio.We want to be friends with you.1.3nBest friend.Sinaliodan na tang tangay nang pisan. He turned his back on his best friend. 1.4adjFriendly; good at making friends.1.5nFriendship.antkasoay2der. ofsoayantkasoay1kasoay2der. ofsoay2n2.1vtFor a person to be befriended, have a spell put on them, by invisible beings or spirits in the forest, resulting in going crazy and wandering around.Pirming galipat ong bokid tang soltiros ang asi, ganing tanira agtangayen ono ta sapat.That teenage boy is always being lost in the hills, they say that he is being befriended by invisible little beings.

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