demet1nhinanakitGrudge.Sigoro may demet mo ong yen, animan gasilaga pa.Maybe you have a grudge against me and that is why you are still angry.antbogno2 2.12vtGoal: -anTo hold a grudge against someone; to hang on to, or harbor bad feelings towards someone; to feel resentful or be mad at a person for something; to detest someone.Agdemetano enged tang babay ang asia, tenged agbabalitao nandia ang anday matod.I really am mad at that woman, because she's telling news about me that is not true.3vstatUndergoer: agde-tanTo feel irritated by something.Agde-tano ra ang pamasi ta ingal mga gapoyato pa.I feel irritated when hearing noise if I am still sleeping.ov syndokoterep1 1temtem 1

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