sabit11viUndergoer: ma-For something to accidentally get caught, snagged on a nail or other pointed object.Indio naita tang lansang ong bangko, nasabit tang kaliolioto. Way lasik ta kabael!I didn't see the nail on the bench, I snagged my pants. Look, the rip is very big!ov syntalangat 1ta-wit 12vtActor: mag- Undergoer: i- Goal: -an kabitTo hang something up on a nail or hook; to pin something on something or someone, for example, a ribbon or an amulet on a shirt.Isabit mo kay ong lansang tang kaliolioto.Please hang up my pants on a nail.Angay indi sinabit mo tang liabi ong dibabaw tang porta, mandian lipat.Why didn't you hang the key above the door, now it's lost.Ang ba-long kinasal, agsabitan ka ta koarta mintras pamagbaili.The newlyweds have money pinned onto their clothing while they dance.Ang domang mga nanay, mahilig ang magsabit ta panagang mga gege-ley pa tang ana nira.Some mothers are fond of pinning amulets on their children when they are still small.ov synkabit 1takenrel wdbitay 1ta-dangtalangat 1

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