solsōl1nsuholMoney or goods in kind for a wage.Ang sōl tang karpintiro mandian ay alawig da tenged māl da ka tang tanan.The wage of a carpenter these days is higher now because everything else is expensive too.This usually refers to casual workers, not those who are salaried.2npanōlThe way a wage is paid.Kinaldaw tang panōl tang pamagobra ong balay.The way the wage is paid of those working on the house is by the day.3vtActor: maN- Undergoer/Instrument: i- Goal: -anTo pay a wage to workers; to be paid money or goods in kind for work done.Indi pa tanira gasōlan tenged ang tisoriro indi pa gakabot.They haven't been paid yet because the treasurer hasn't arrived yet.4vtActor: magpa- Undergoer: pa--an To work for a wage, money or goods in kind; to receive a certain amount as a wage.Magpasōl ita ang mangayeg mandian para may ibakal ta ta tera.Let's work for a wage harvesting today so that we'll have money to buy viand with.Ang pinasōlano tama ka lamang, binayado ong otango.The amount I received as a wage was just enough, I used it to pay my debt.ov synsalod 1soildo 1

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