aroman1nkasamaCompanion; to be with someone; one's spouse.Aromano tanandia ong opisina.He is my companion in the office.Indio nālipara ang aromana yamen ong pambot.I didn't notice that you were with us on the pumpboat.antpisi tang sinangoni2pl. nkāromananCompanions.Danopa tang mga kāromanan mong nagpolaw?Who were your companions attending the wake?ov synka-pen2katabid3naroman (mong) tawFellowman (lit. companion person).antmasig ka taw4advaromanTogether with.5vtActor: mag- Undergoer: -en, -an samahanTo accompany someone; to go along with; to be together with someone; to have someone be someone else's companion.Aromanay ka don ong ni Mayor.Please accompany me there to the Mayor.Aromanana yen ang paning don ong Villa Sol.I'll accompany you going there to barangay Villa Sol.Nagaroman aming napoyat ong balay nira talabi.We were together sleeping at their house last night.Aromaneno kay tang ana mong mapoyat ong balay mandian ang labi.Please let your child sleep with me at my house later tonight.People do not like to sleep alone, or be in a house or room alone at night.ov syntabid 1rel wddengan1 1

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