pa-ngiunspec.<Not Sure>1.1viTo take an alternate route, either as a shortcut or to avoid someone; to turn off the main road; to accidently turn the wrong way; to go astray.Mga panaw ita ong bokid, anday pa-ngi. When we walk to the fields, don't anyone take a different way. Napa-ngi tanira ta dalan tenged geldan tanira ta kiro.They took an alternate route because they were afraid of the dog.Napanaw ami ong bokid, piro asing napa-ngio, nalipato ra rin.We took a walk in the countryside, but when I turned off the main road I nearly got lost.Pario tanira ong mga karnirong ganga-ngi ta dalan. They are the same as sheep who have gone astray.1.2nShortcut.Nani tang dalan ang pa-ngian paning ong iskoilan.This is the road that is a shortcut to the school.2n2.1vi., vtFor what one is saying to be "off track", far from the topic; to cause a discussion to stray from the topic; to go astray from the truth.Ga-ngi enged tang nio!Yours (i.e. what you are saying) is really off track! Ang nio, kada magistoria ita, pirming agpa-ngi mo.You, whenever we converse you always cause [the discussion] to stray from the topic.3vi., vt3.1vstatTo feel hurt, or angry again at a later date even though there has been reconciliation (literally, still avoiding the other person).Maski nagtomboyan da, ga-ngi pa ka enged.Even though they have reconciled, she is still hurt and avoiding (i.e. the other person).

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