tamadunspec. var.matamad1adj., advmatamad, katamadtamadLazy; unmotivated; bored.Dorog katamad tanandia ang manilig.She is really lazy about sweeping.Matamadong magbogno ong babay ang asia, dorog kasoplado.I'm not motivated to greet that woman, she is such a snob.antderep 1derep 2ma-sik 2patikasegtasmak2vstatUndergoer: tamadan pl. panamadanFor a person to feel lazy, tired; to be disinterested in, bored, or tired of doing something.Tamadano ang magobra, makinit.I'm feeling lazy about working, it is so hot.Agtamadano rang magbaboy, mal da tang pambog.I'm tired already of raising pigs, the food for them is so expensive.Mga timpong dorong kalinaw, ang mga langeb midio agpanamadan ang komaliek.When the weather is very calm, it's as if the waves are too lazy to move.antderep 1tasmakov synsawataka 1makatatamadder.adjMakatatamad tang anday obra ong magapon.It causes us to feel lazy when there is no work to do all day long.

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