derepunspec. var.maderep1adj., advmaderepmasipagIndustrious; hard working; to do something frequently; to be fond of doing something.Maderep tanandia ang magobra ong palibot tang balay.He is very industrious in cleaning up around the house.Ang taw ang maderep indi le-men.A person who is hard working will not become hungry.Maderep tang soltiras na ang maglambong animan yading taralpoan na.Her teenage girls frequently change their clothes therefore she has a lot of laundry.anttamad 1tamad 2ov synpirmireges 1tenten 12vi., vtActor: mag- Goal: -anTo work hard at something, to be industrious in doing something.Pagderep tanandia agod indi maletem.She is being industrious so that she will not go hungry.Agganano pang magtype tenged agderepano pa.I still enjoy typing because I'm still industrious about it. anttamad 1ov synpatikaseg

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