togpo1vi., vtActor: -om- Goal: -antugpoFor a bird, insect, or airplane to swoop down and land on something below; for birds, chickens to flock around to eat something.Agliwagan tang iroplano ang tomogpo ong landingan mga mapalet.The airplane has a hard time landing on the airstrip if it is windy.Aypa toga timinogpo tang boradol?Where did the kite land? Yading mga ogak ang lalayog oman namansitogpo ong enasan.There were many crows flying around up above and then they all landed in the tidal flat.Atogpoan tang mga mano tang paray ang agpakaldaw.The chickens are flocking around and eating the rice that is being dried.rel wdborongdapo1 1obrong

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