alam-alamvtActor: mag-, maN- Undergoer: -en, ma-amoTo talk to, confront, or persuade a person by speaking gently to them; to talk someone into doing something.India matakong magalam-alam ong ana mo, animan sia indi magparet ong nio.You don't know how to talk to your child by speaking gently, that's the reason why he won't obey you.Ang taw, mga pangalam-alam, maoray tang bitala na.When a person gently persuades someone, his words are gentle.Alam-alamen mo lamang tanandia para indi ra masilag.Just persuade her gently so that she will not be mad any longer.Alam-alamen mo kay si tatay mo, balampa tomabid ong yaten ang magsimba.Please talk gently in persuading your father, hopefully he'll come along with us to church.Indi ka rin i-dol na tang sapatos na ong yen, piro nālam-alamo ka enged.She wasn't going to give her shoes to me, but I talked her into it. antdaget-dagetdaragese 1daragese 2legda1 1legda1 2ov synmaoray 1

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