depet1viActor: maN- Reduplication: mag--andikitFor something to have the ability to adhere to, stick to something else; for things to be stuck, pasted or glued together.Indi ra mandepet tang kolang na.This paste doesn't stick anymore.Ang alamay tang olita ay maelet ang mandepet ong kalima.The tentacles of the octopus stick firmly to one's hand.Ang pagbailian ang asi midio pagdepetan da.That couple dancing are like they are stuck together. Ang pama-deko ong mga litra, midio pamagderepet-depetan da.When I look at the letters, it's as if they are all stuck together. 2vtActor: magpa- Undergoer: ipa-, papag--enTo stick something to something else; to stick, paste two things together.Sinopay nagpa-pet tang paskin ang na tarin ong kodal?Who stuck this notice here on the fence?Ong aypa pina-pet mo tang paskin?Where did you stick the notice?Ipa-peto tang papil ang masinggi ong papil ong kolit.I will paste the red paper on the white paper.Papagdepeteno tang doroa nga papelan.I'll paste the two papers together. ov synpa-petsanib2

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