tomba11<Not Sure>1.1vi., vtFor a person or object to tumble or fall over from an upright position; for something to have an object, like a coconut tree, fall over on it.Mga pamagio, yading papa ta nioy ang gangatomba. When there's a typhoon, many coconut trees fall over. Ang balay amen natomban ta papa ta nioy.Our house had a coconut tree fall down on it.2vi., vt2.1vtTo intentionally turn something upside down, over; to knock something over, down.Ipatomba mo kang lagi tang dram para mabo-bok tang wi.Please turn the large drum upside down so that the water will drain out of it.Patombaen da nira tang kasilias tenged magboat si ta ba-lo.They will knock over their outhouse because they'll make a new one.

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