ako2vi., vtActor: maN- Undergoer: pang--an, -anTo accept a position, job; to assume or responsibilities; to agree to inherit or take over someone else's work, responsibilities, or supernatural powers.Agtoldanō rin ta obra kaso lamang indio nangako tenged may domang obrano.I'm being offered a job however I didn't accept it because I'm working for someone else.Agpangakoan ka ni Nanay mga bobo-wanano si Dodoy.Mother is accepting the responsibility whenever I leave Dodoy behind with her.Ang taw ang mangalok, mga alenget dang mapatay, kaministiran ono may taw ang mangako ong teled tang pamilia para mapatay da.A person who is a witch, when close to death, he needs a person within the family who will inherit his supernatural power so that he can die.Maski indi mataposo tang aggobraenong amek total aggakoan ka ni Nanay ang taposon.Even if I'm not able to finish the sleeping mat I'm working on it's okay, because Mother has agreed that she'll be responsible to finish it.

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