ingkibvtActor: mag- Undergoer: -en Goal: -ankagatanTo take a bite of something hard; to bite something off something with the teeth; to gnaw on something hard.Poiding maingkib atan ong agpanganen mong bayabas?Can I take a bite of the guava you are eating there?Doli bato ta onopa tang aggingkiben tang kirong asi?What kind of a bone do you think that dog is gnawing on?Tenged indio nagekel ta ged ang gamiten para manibabaw animan ganing tang maistrao, "Ala, ingkiben mo tang ibabawen."Because I didn't bring a machete to use for weeding therefore my teacher said, "Okay, you just bite off the weeds then."Paingkiben mo kay tanandia ong bato para indi matalagbat.Have him gnaw on a rock so that he won't be bewitched.Some people say that when a person arrives in a new place, they should gnaw on a large rock by the beach so that the evil spirits will know them and not cause anything bad to happen to them.ov synlatabtangkabrel wdalat 1ki-kibiringkibander.nSia don ong balay amen may batong iringkiban. There at our house there's a rock that can be gnawed on (i.e. by a person who is going to the house for the first time).

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