poirsa1nStrength; power.Anday sayod tang balita, anda rang pisan ay poirsao si.The news was so bad, I have no more strength now.antlobay 3rel wdgaem 12adj., advmapoirsamalakas, masiglaStrong; powerful; loud; loudly.Mapoirsā kang tomakan ta paray ong kolo mo.You're strong to be able to carry the rice on your head.Doro kapoirsa tang pangadi ta tatang taw ang mato-lid.The prayers of a righteous man are very powerful. Masiadong mapoirsa tang to-tog ong kamalay, makaerep.The music at the neighbor's house is very loud, it's irritating.Nakiboto pa talabi, dorog ka poirsa tang doldol.I was startled last night, the thunder was so very loud.Maski naginiteg ta mapoirsa indi naba-yan amen.Even though he shouted loudly we didn't hear him.antmalobayunspec. var. oflobay3viActor: maN-To become stronger; to force oneself; to exert strength in doing something.Pamoirsa ra tang mageyep.The wind is becoming stronger.India kay mamoirsang magtakan tang sakong belat, itaben malapikana.Don't force yourself to carry the sack of rice, you might break a bone.rel wdreges 14vtActor: magpa- Undergoer: pa--enTo cause something to become stronger or louder; to strengthen or encourage a person.Agpapoirsaen tang maistra tang bosis na mga maingal tang mga iskoila.The teacher raises her voice (lit. makes it stronger, louder) when the pupils are noisy.India masiadong magsinti, papoirsaen mo lamang tang nem mo.Don't worry too much, just strengthen your inner being.Ang mga bitala na yay ang nagpapoirsa ong yen.His words are what encouraged me.antlobay 1ov synbaked 1elet 1

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