pabaya1vtGoal: -anpabayaTo neglect something, to not be dutiful in watching something or someone; to ignore a person or a situation; to allow, let someone to have their way.Ang bebe-lad ang yan sigoro pinabayan da lamang, animan inorab ta kiro.The fish laid out to dry perhaps was neglected, that's why it was eaten by a dog.Angay agpabayan mo tang mga bisita ta? Sapeten mo ka!Why are you ignoring our visitors? Entertain them!Ho, pabayano lamang tang pamagbitala ong yen.Oh, I'll just ignore those gossiping about me.Pabayan mo lamang tanandia ang tomabid ong barkada na, total bakasion da.Just let him go along with his friends, after all it's vacation time.antambligandambantay1 1intindi 1sapetta-lingov synsamang-samangrel wdkosintir2adj., advNeglectful, irresponsible, or lazy.Pabaya tanandia ong obra na animan binitalan tang amo na.He was neglectful with his work therefore he was scolded by his boss.rel wdtamad 13viActor: magpabaya-bayaTo be neglectful; to ignore or be unaware of the time or what is happening; to waste time, to dillydally.India magpabaya-baya, itaben maori ita ong motor.Don't dillydally, we might be late for the boat.ov synlinday-linday4exprpabayan moNever mind; it doesn't matter.ov synkisibaya

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