lingeb1vstatUndergoer: galingebanFor something to be hidden, blocked from view by something else.Maoraw pa mga ang kaldaw galingeban pa tang bokid.It's still cool and shady when the sun is blocked from view by the hills.2vi., vtActor: mag- Undergoer/Instrument: i-A person or object which blocks the view of something; the object used to block the view.India kay maglingeb, indio maita.Please don't block the view, I can't see.Ang kortina yay ang aglilingeb amen ong koarto ang palanimaran.A curtain is what we are using to block the view of the room where we change clothes.ov synampil 13vtUndergoer: ipa-To shelter, find protection, a hiding place for something, such as a boat, on the leeward side of the wind.Mga mapalet don ong Cambian, ang mga motor agpalingeb ong dobali tang pantalan.When it's rough and windy there in barangay Cambian, the boats are being sheltered on the other side of the pier.ov synlimbeng 1

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